Rosehip use on itchy, unhappy dog

"My dog always reacted to new grass which caused a lot of itching and his hair to fall out. We used to give him antihistamines when we lived in town as he would get sore weeping pads on his feet. We realised when we moved to the country that his hair loss and itching coincided with spring.

Less than 2 months of having our boy on your product and omg!!!! We haven't even been remembering to give it to him every day but his hair growth is amazing! First pic is hard to tell as of his angle but it was right round to his bum and the second pics are from today.

A lot less itchy & A lot happier dog thank you"

Julia gave her dog 1/4 tsp of Hunts Remedies Rosehips in a cup of boiling water, then once cooled poured over his dinner everynight.

Licked their bowl clean!

Thank you, your product is amazing i put into their feeds and they licked the bowl clean! i thought they would smell the Turmeric and be fussy, i mixed it up with the flaxseed oil as recommended and it worked a treat,

Thanks again Sarah