Meet our sponsored riders

for the 2021/22 season

Introducing Denise Rushbrook

Horses: Astek Gadzuks (Zuky); Eton MVNZ (Cal); CML Quinn (Quinn)

"I am so looking forward to being an ambassador with Hunts Remedies over the coming 12 months. This sponsorship means I will be able to try products I may have looked past - investing in the products I am familiar with or those that jumped out with an explanation that fitted the remedy I needed.

One thing I am especially looking forward to is finding a product or combination of products that will help my horses with the Otakiri Itch (or Taupo Itch) 🙂

Myself, my free-groom & my horses are all looking forward to being a part of the Hunts remedies team over the next 12 months!! "

Goals for 2021/22 season:

Cal - to complete a CCI4*S.

Zuky Level 5 Dressage & 3* Ev

Quinn (she is only 4 at moment) - Comete level 2/3 dressage & CCN105 HT

Introducing Vanessa Veart-Smith

Horses: Ferro; Freddie

"For those that know me, I am all about the well-being of my horses being paramount.

Going home with a healthy, sound and happy horse from any show is winning even if that means sometimes you scratch a class or jump smaller. With Hunts Remedies they will have the best of the best products to assist with their physical and mental well-being.

I have two competition horses, one old dude and a wee one. I compete mainly in show jumping Amateur series with Ferro. Freddie is young and just starting his career jumping 90cm. Ferro also competes level 5 dressage and won many ribbons at HOY in showhunter and showing in 2019 & 2020. Freddie is highly bred and will also compete in dressage.

They all have their own ailments like us all from being a little hot headed at shows to a little relaxed, a bit of arthritis here and there to the wee one being prone to laminitis and just general well-being requirements. Hunts Remedies has it all and such quality product.

I am not a natural at riding it takes a lot of work on top of that a working mum, volunteer fire fighter/first responder and generally trying to do my best and have fun.

To have support from a company with amazing products and excellent knowledge it ensures I have the horses on the best of the best! So excited for 2021-22 season!"

Goals for 2021/22 season:

Bring Freddie up to 1.10m for amateur show jumping and level 2 dressage.

Ferro to win Amateur SJ classes and move up to Pro Am