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Glucosamine contains the nutritional building blocks of cartilage and joint fluid. Glucosamine may maintain, increase and provide protection for cartilage and fluid surrounding the joints, preventing breakdown. In turn this promotes healthy, optimum joint function, decreased joint pain and increased flexibility, allowing for greater performance.

Great to use in conjunction with Hunts Remedies MSM.

Ingredients: 99% minimum D-Glucosamine sulphate potassium salt.

For animal treatment only.


  • Protection for cartilage and fluid surrounding the joints

  • Optimum joint function

  • Decreased joint pain

  • Dosage for horses
    - 5 - 10 g daily (based on 10,000 mg per 500kg).

  • Dosage for dogs
    Dogs 2-10kg: 250-500mg; Dogs 10-20kg: 500mg; Dogs 20-40kg: 1,000mg; Dogs>40kg: 1,500mg;