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Biotin 1KG

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Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin which encourages healthy, resilient hooves and coats. It may increase hoof hardness and hoof growth rates which improves and maintains overall hoof quality and therefore the health of the horse. Biotin can benefit horses with cracked, dry feet and soft brittle hooves as well as those with chronic laminitis and horses that are shod often.

Ingredients: D-BIOTIN 2.0% in Maltodextrin

1g contains 20mg of Biotin.

Also available in 200G (here) and 400G sizes (here)

For animal treatment only.


  • Hoof hardness

  • Hoof quality

  • Healthy coats

  • Dosage for horses
    - Degenerated hooves: 1 g (1/4 teaspoon) daily for at least 6-8 months or until improvement occurs, then give Hunts Remedies Rosehips as a natural source of Biotin to maintain hoof condition. Dosage is based on a 500kg Horse.